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Cosmetic Dentistry

Where aesthetics and functionality combine.
Your smile is the first feature most people notice, so let’s make it your standout feature! Our dental duo combines to transform your smile and boost your self-esteem. They offer subtle treatments such as teeth whitening and gum contouring for those who just want to tweak their smile. But also use comprehensive dentistry to perform more complex, transformative procedures too.

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A woman smiling in a dentist's mirror
Porcelain Veneers
A new smile can bring real refreshment. One of our most popular cosmetic services is porcelain veneers. These are thin, custom-made shells that cover over your natural teeth’s imperfections. Veneers can be used to hide stains, align your smile, and cover over chipped or broken teeth. The porcelain material is similar to your natural teeth so you can enjoy a beautiful new smile.

Furthermore, veneers can be shaped and colored to your specifications and are stain-resistant too. Our expert cosmetic dentists use a top dental lab to make your veneers, so they look truly stunning when placed in your mouth.

A tooth seen from a magnifying glass, showing a Composite Fillings in a patient's mouth
Composite Fillings
Gone are the days of unsightly silver fillings. We are now living in the metal-free, tooth-colored composite fillings era. These natural-looking fillings are designed to match your teeth for a more discreet restoration.

As with traditional fillings, composite fillings can be placed in a single visit and will be shaped to fit your bite. The major differences? No one will notice them, and they actually bond to your tooth, which prevents the risk of future decay.

The filling procedure is simple. Your dentist in Redmond, WALearn more about our dentists begins by cleaning and numbing the area around the tooth. Next, any decay is removed and composite material is used to seal your tooth. Once complete, your tooth regains its structure, and you can carry on with your daily routine.

A mature woman with red hair looking at a blue mirror after her cosmetic dentistry appointment
Dental Bonding
When you’re unhappy with your smile, you likely hide your teeth in photos or cover your mouth when you laugh. This can all end thanks to cosmetic dental bonding!

This innovative cosmetic procedure allows our dentists in Redmond, WA, to use a composite resin to cover over your smile imperfections. Much like dental fillings, bonding involves layering the resin onto your teeth and then polishing the tooth for a beautiful finish.

Cosmetic bonding can be completed in one or two visits, and the composite resin is adjusted to your specifications.

Bio Dentistry

Traditional vs Zirconia implants.

We have introduced bio dentistry protocols to our office that protect your smile and your overall well-being. We are one of only FIVE offices in Washington State to use this form of dentistry. We are proud to only use biocompatible materials that benefit your whole-body and restore your smile.

One such example is bio implant dentistry. Rather than using metal implants, we use a special white ceramic material called Zirconia.

Let’s compare traditional dental implants with our bio-friendly alternative:

A graphic showing a traditional titanium implant
Traditional Implants
  • Uses a separate connector (abutment)

  • Use metal implants (titanium)

  • Older technology

A graphic showing a Zirconia (white) dental implants
Zirconia Implants
  • One-piece with no prosthetic connection

  • 100% white color

  • Prevents bacteria

  • Promotes better gum health

Marquis Family Dentistry only uses FDA approved ZeramexOpens a new window to the website and StraumannOpens a new window to the offical website implants.

I had a great experience with Dr. Cat when I had to get a crown on a fractured tooth. Annie was able to get me in the same day I called.

Dave T. (Marquis Patient)

Primescan™ CEREC®

Step into our on-site dental lab and enjoy same-day dentistry.
At our office, we are equipped with an in-house dental lab that enables us to create new restorations in a single visit. The lab uses Primescan™ CEREC® 3D computer technologyOpens a new window to the CEREC website, which allows us to scan, design, and create your new crown, bridge, or veneer – with no compromise on quality.

Our restorations use the highest quality materials for a beautifully natural finish. Learn more about the Primescan™ CEREC® process:


We digitally scan your tooth and create a 3D impression using our innovative computer software.


Your dentist then designs the new restoration with CAD/CAM technology. The 3D design is based on your individual requirements and goals.


The design is created in our on-site milling machine. We only use the highest quality materials for breathtaking results.

Speed Fire

We use sintering technology to make the restoration more durable and stable.
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