Why a Specialist?

Marquis Family Dentistry offers five specialities. But how do you benefit?

Going Beyond Traditional Dental Care

Discover the comprehensive experience you can enjoy at our Redmond, WA dental practice.

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Family Dentistry

With a focus on preventative care, our Redmond, WA dentists provide your family with the services and advice you need for healthy smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We use our artistic flair to beautify your smile and help you renew your overall confidence.

Restorative Dentistry

Discover how our modern technology and advanced expertise can restore the function of your teeth and bite.

Oral Surgery

The word “surgery” can seem intimating but thanks to our team you don’t have to worry.

Why Choose Marquis Family Dentistry?

We do dentistry your way!
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Modern Technology
From our in-house dental lab to our trained phlebotomist, you have superior dental care at your finger tips. Our two specialists only use the most advanced equipment such as a CT scanner and digital x-rays to make your visit truly unique.
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Patient-Centric Approach
As soon as you sit down for your patient interview, you’ll see the genuine concern we have for your well-being. Your health matters to us, and we have the right people to assist you in reaching your dental health goals. We go beyond the norm so you can feel the smile benefits.
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Convenience & Accessibility
We have helped many patients gain access to top-class healthcare. Your personal dental director will explain how we can help you through specialist services, financing options, and your insurance benefits. We aim to make dentistry simple!
More Options. Better Outcomes. Amazing Convenience.
Concierge-style service across the board.
Having five specialty areas is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our 360 Dental Concierge. Providing all these services under one roof is a considerable advantage, especially to families, but we offer so much more, including:
  • Patient education
  • A comfortable patient lounge
  • 24/7 emergency call center
  • Phone consultations (seven days a week)
  • Specialty care in a matter of DAYS, not months
  • Saturday appointment times
  • Your own dedicated dental director
We are not a “volume dental practice,” meaning we don’t try to rush your visits or up our numbers. Our caring team genuinely wants what’s best for you, so we schedule up to two hours for your initial consultation (it can be shorter if you wish). This enables us to give you the attention you deserve and fully explore your oral health needs.

It is not in our nature to tell patients what to do. YOU tell us about your needs and about your concerns. We educate first, then create a custom plan centered around your expectations and financial requirements.

You’ve never experienced dentistry like this. It’s dentistry your way!

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What to Expect When You Visit
Every patient is treated like our VIP.
Here are a few highlights of what awaits you at our Redmond dental office:
  • Superior Expertise
  • Seamless Appointments
  • Customized Treatment Plans
  • Technical Excellence & Innovation
  • In-Office Comforts
  • Aftercare Check-In

I was late due to traffic, but they were able to get me in for my checkup without a problem. A great staff with great service.

Jeff G. (Marquis Patient)

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